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About El Paso EyeCare

We provide routine and preventative care for children and adults through comprehensive and developmental vision examinations. Our doctors understand how vision problems impact patient’s social, occupational, educational, and recreational endeavors. Our recommendations lead to resolution of vision problems utilizing the following:

  • Corrective Glasses
  • Stress-relieving Glasses
  • Low Vision Devices (Glasses, Telescopes, Microscopes, and Magnifiers)
  • Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Referral to and co-management with qualified specialists
  • Specialty Contact Lens design and fitting

One of our main goals is providing annual vision examinations in order to follow vision development, detect early signs of eye and systemic diseases and intervene to prevent vision loss. This type of vision care is possible when patients commit to continuous and regular care with the same doctors.

Our offices provide expert optical services, including on-site finishing of prescription glasses. We are mindful of our patients’ optical needs and desires when choosing our frames. Most importantly, our optical staff excels at recommending the proper lens and frame to meet the patient’s visual needs.

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